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Decentralized Architects of Achievement

3D Design X Animation


A luminary in the realms of 2D and 3D design, unveils multifaceted talent, showcasing an unwavering commitment to creativity.

Explore his diverse portfolio on Instagram: handsome_boris


    A visionary in futuristic storytelling animations, JMarino seamlessly blends technology and decentralization, crafting immersive experiences that transport audiences to unexplored dimensions. Renowned in the WEB3 space, JMarino leads this campaign independently, showcasing exceptional value. Highly esteemed.

    Connect with JMarino on Instagram: jmarino_vfx


      Crafting hyper-realistic and multidisciplinary creations in the realm of 3D, brings art to life. Each creation is a testament to pushing the boundaries of creativity, creating a visual tapestry that captivates and pulls emotion. 

      Discover more on Instagram: evokedform

      Max Prigent:

      Playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing footwear design, Max is a virtuoso of technical innovation. Each shoe seamlessly blends functionality with the essence of high fashion, emerging as a true masterpiece. Max's technical prowess is evident in hyper-realistic 3D designs, ready to come to life. By seamlessly bridging the digital and physical realms, Max is at the forefront of shaping the next generation of exceptional footwear. If you're not familiar with Max now, you're bound to be soon...

      Visit Max's Instagram: Maax.obj

        Jon Sánchez:

        Next-Gen Fashion Design, Jon cements his presence as a significant influencer in the vibrant realms of 3D art, culture, and fashion. A true visionary. 


        Explore Jon Sánchez works on Instagram: slamthings


        A visionary in 3D art, transforms abstract concepts into captivating visual experiences. Renowned for Next-Gen Fashion Design, Ometh establishes himself as a key player in the dynamic world of 3D art, culture, and fashion. Articulates the vision.

        Explore Ometh's creations on Instagram: iamometh

          Henry Gonzales:

          A character designer extraordinaire trained at UCLA, specializes in 3D character building intricately weaving and building unique and compelling characters into the fabric of storytelling.

           Discover his portfolio on Instagram: Henry Gonzales

            George Dooley:

            A virtuoso in 3D with an impressive portfolio, he collaborates with renowned brands, infusing his creations with a touch of genius that elevates brands.

            Follow George Dooley's work on Instagram: george_dooley

              Raphaël Erba:

              A niche 3D web3 expert with a background at Sotheby’s creates unique and awe-inspiring experiences. His work transcends the ordinary. Only Raphael can make Raphael works.

              Connect with Raphaël Erba on Instagram: raphael_erba

                Rui Huang:

                A talented Sci-Fi CG Artist, breathes life into futuristic and imaginative worlds through captivating computer-generated art. His work serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities within the digital canvas.

                Explore Rui Huang works on Instagram: ruihuang_art 

                  Hannes Hummel:

                  Renowned for 3D contributions to major museums and collaborations with IRIS VAN HERPEN. His work represents a fusion of art and technology. A niche genius.

                  Follow Hannes Hummel on Instagram: hanneshummel

                    David Ariew:

                    A leading 3D artist involved in Drake & Web3 projects, including the DÔME IN VEGAS installation, creates experiences that manifest imagination. 

                    Explore David Ariew's creations on Instagram: davidariew

                      2D Designers

                      Yun Ling:

                      A masterful artist known for 2D masterpieces, recognition for contributions to "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," "Love, Death & Robots: The Witness," and "Love, Death + Robots 3: Jibaro / Blue Eye Samurai." Yun Ling's creations form a symphony of visual storytelling.

                        Follow Yun Ling on Twitter: lingy000

                        Andrée Wallin:

                        A conceptual artist for franchise movie posters, flyers, and sci-fi art, breathes life into stories through captivating still images.

                        Explore Andrée Wallin's work on Twitter: andreewallin


                          Noteworthy for impactful 2D animations, especially in "One Piece," capturing dynamic storytelling visually and creating animations that resonate with depth and emotion. 

                          Follow Sparkleredpanda on Twitter: Sparkleredpanda


                              Independent 2D cartoonist with a focus on culture representation, tells stories through unique perspectives, reflecting the rich tapestry of culture.

                              Connect with @kngscience on Instagram: kngscience

                                        Development UI/UX


                                          Immersive websites and 3D design and development specialist, pushing the narrative of online immersive experiences. His work is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation. 

                                          Follow samskirrow on Instagram: samskirrow


                                            Josef Pelz:

                                            Extremely creative next-gen coding expert crafting the future of design infrastructure. His work is a fusion of art and technology, creating a bridge between creativity and coding.

                                            Follow Josef Pelz on Twitter: JosefPelz


                                            Microsoft Software Engineer specializing in all things programming with exceptional technical proficiency. Known for crafting innovative solutions in the next generation of programming and WEB3 infrastructure. Can code and program virtually anything with ingenuity.

                                            Follow Umacodes on Instagram:  Umacodes

                                                Fashion Designers


                                                In the realm of digital fashion, Mona stands as a god, creating a zeitgeist of unprecedented creativity. Crafting Culture. No words are needed to describe her impact on in next gen fashion landscape. HUNI Culture! 

                                                Follow Mona on Instagram: mona_thomas


                                                  Designing the future of fashion, redefining the convergence of fashion and technology through code design. Incorporating innovative materials, employing advanced 3D printing techniques, and integrating principles of computer engineering. Ushering in the era of Next Gen Couture. Designer in Residence at @researchandrobotics.

                                                  Follow Lilach on Instagram: lilachporges

                                                    Xijia Cheng:

                                                    A young designer, endowed with seasoned talent and exceptional creativity, introduces a fresh and distinctive perspective to the fashion landscape. Her artistic vision transcends the conventional, as she actualizes an anime world that defies realism. Her work unfolds like a symphony, harmonizing innovation and style seamlessly. From conceptualization to final production, her creativity remains unparalleled.

                                                    Follow Xijia Cheng on Instagram: xijiacheng

                                                      Izzy Du:

                                                      Creative brilliance transcends time and trends.

                                                      Follow Izzy Du on Instagram: izzydu


                                                        Heng Liu:

                                                        Heng Liu is a creative strategist and passionate fashion business expert. Leveraging his experience in marketing consultancy. Specializing in branding, strategy, PR, media planning, social media, and events, Heng encapsulates a wealth of insights drawn from his diverse roles in various marketing agencies.



                                                        Yasmina, strategy for brand and communications, stands out as a distinguished public relations specialist, strategist, and innovator in the next-gen fashion realm. Leading brands with forward-thinking concepts, she is acknowledged as a forward-looking futurist. Yasmina excels in crafting strategies resilient to future challenges, finely attuned to the preferences of Generation AI.


                                                        Fashion Critics


                                                        Bliss Foster:

                                                        Extensive Knowledge of the fashion industry allows for next-gen fashion to maintain a level of legitimacy. Influential fashion critics and reporters, Fashion Roadman, ThatAdult, and Bliss Foster offer unique in-depth perspectives on the industry, shaping the narrative of fashion through insightful commentary.

                                                        ThatAdult, Bliss Foster

                                                            Photographer/Film Maker/Director

                                                              Monique Yvonne Jones:

                                                              A solo visionary in storytelling, she excels in every facet of her films—from acting and directing to editing. "Every film & photo on this page is shot, edited, directed, & modeled by Myself Alone." Preferring the challenge of exploring topics through personal creativity, she collaborates with esteemed brands like Valentino and Warner Bros, leaving an indelible mark on the industry with more accomplishments anticipated. 

                                                              Follow Monique Yvonne Jones on Instagram: @Monique Yvonne Jones Twitter: @Monique Yvonne Jones TikTok: @Monique Yvonne Jones