Project Overview: Decentralizing High Fashion

Scheduled to launch on January 1, 2025. Collections every four months: January FW, April SS, August AW, December AW.

Annual IRL Haute Couture Fashion Show: live bids on exclusive pieces, showcasing the Haute Couture collection, new technology, and an interactive film.

- [ ] Different creators Tribute to different stories A series.

- [ ] Our first collection is a tribute to Virgil Abloh. Thanks to our 'Creative Equity and Recognition solution' 2.6M per collection is allocated to support aspiring designers in the Decentralizing High Fashion Fund

ZAZADesignNYC Campaign: Decentralizing High Fashion

Tensions run high—wars, climate change, Gun Violence—echoes of past mistakes persist. We share a moral, or perhaps a social, obligation to express our opinions. Yet, in a landscape inundated with quotes and images, grasping expression remains elusive.

"If you can own an experience it’s so much closer to you because ideas are within us they exist in the Ether aka the 5th dimension where time is an object."

Maria Antonieta, the final Queen of France prior to the French Revolution, employed intricate dresses as a means of conveying political messages. Haute couture, spanning from the 1950s to the present, has been notably unprofitable. However, with Bernard Arnault's acquisition of Dior in 1984, haute couture now functions as an advertisement.

In 2024, with the "Decentralizing High Fashion Campaign," we find ourselves transitioning from WEB2 High Fashion to WEB3 High Fashion. 

Immersive, interactive, and rewarding, our campaigns naturally recognize and value the contributions of both internal creators and external supporters. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone around the globe has the opportunity to engage with luxury brands and enjoy the associated benefits.

Decentralizing High Fashion Specifics

The theme of each collection serves as a tribute to a historical designer who has profoundly inspired us.

- We delve deep into curating collections. Limited collections of 648 pieces emphasize sustainability, blending high fashion with cutting-edge technology for a new era of conscious consumption. Our process is shared on social media, allowing the community to engage and learn about historical figures and creative processes in a series of real, short film-style interviews with the team working on each collection.

- Crafting animated short films around the theme of each collection, where characters are sold as Tickets/Tokens inclusive of phygital, high fashion pieces. Each short film contributes to a larger cinematic narrative. These characters make recurring appearances in various collections, offering the owner access to perpetual & exclusive phygital pieces.

- Tickets/Tokens campaign. All 200 Tickets/Tokens per collection are distributed equitably among all creators working on various pieces of the collection and sold directly to you, bridging the gap between artisans and audiences. Tickets/Tokens are Phygital; Tokens include a digital and physical counterpart and tickets incorporate access to the annual IRL Haute Couture Fashion Show.

- Each collection contributes to a broader narrative, converging culture, art, and commerce. Participate in the fusion of high fashion and cinematic storytelling in an immersive experience like no other.

The future of fashion and ownership in the digital age.